Tips and ideas

Five tips reach your fundraising target!

Have Team Members Register Have all team members register on the Dance For Life website. Team members can then share their team’s page and their personal page with their friends and family. They will have ownership over their fundraising and see the direct impact they are making. (A little healthy competition within teams to see who can raise the most could do the trick as well).

Make a Donation Yourself Get the ball rolling and make a donation to your page. Demonstrate your love for Dance for Life and give people an idea on how much to donate.

Share on Social Media Get out there and share your fundraising page on all social media accounts. Update Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, send a link or post a dance selfie. The more posts, the easier it will be to reach your target. (Don’t forget to check out Dance For Life Instagram and tag #DanceforLife2022)

Ask Your Friends and Family Ask friends and family to donate. Ask four (or more) of your closest friends and family to donate $50 each and you’ve already secured $200. If ten team members can do the same, then you’ve already reached 20% of your goal! 

Get Creative The list is endless for successful fundraising events including trivia nights, celebrity dinners, raffles, bake sales, dance-a-thons (dance marathons), fashion shows, virtual movie nights and so much more. However you want to raise money, we’ve got your back!

Five simple and quick fundraising events to reach that $10K goal!

Auction the CEO’s time - Have your CEO auction some free time, with the winner deciding what they are to do during that time. Does the HR Manager need help with a new policy, the office tea break could do with a temporary barista or maybe you need garden mowed? Get bidding and decide! 

Theme dress-up day - Choose a theme, get the gear together and come to work in the theme. Ask for donations to dress up and feel free to add a bit of competition for best outfit!

Sausage sizzle - Easy to run, beloved by all and a delicious treat for any day. Fire up the BBQ and enjoy!

Social media challenges - Throw down the gauntlet on social media and challenge team mates (or other teams) to a challenge. Dance in the weirdest place, dance for 2 hours straight or anything else you can think of. Winner can be decided by likes and receive donations direct to their team’s page!

Bake sale - Set some time aside and ask your colleagues to bring in their world famous baked treats. Throw on your apron, get baking and ask for donations!