Smart Design Studio

We're fundraising for ReachOut

Smart Design Studio are excited to be involved for the second time in a row with Dance for Life 2020, raising funds for an organisation we deeply admire, ReachOut Australia.

Our studio is a forty-member team that works across a range of scales from residential to masterplanning. With our values lying in EXCELLENCE, INNOVATION AND COLLABORATION, we believe in architecture designed from the inside out.

Much like our architecture, the SDS dance crew is bold, objectively stunning, at times gravity-defying and not afraid to challenge the norm.

You may recognise us from last year as ‘Dumbo & the Pink Elephants,’ a crowd favourite with hand-crafted masks and dazzling dance moves. With 2020’s Jungle theme we plan to BRING THE HEAT AND COOK WITH SPICE.


Please donate to support ReachOut, who are doing incredible work in helping young people take control of their mental health. Last year we successfully fundraised $6400 and we’d love to beat that this year. Giving anything as little as $5 will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to our Sponsors