Valia Palmer

DANCEACT, Canberra’s first entry to Dance for Life!

“We are excited to present DANCEACT, Canberra’s first entry to Dance for Life, supporting Reach Out.

DANCEACT is a Canberra collective of performing creatives based in the Architecture and Interior Design sector, supported behind the scenes by team members drawn from associated Canberra business including suppliers, design educators, project management and more. As a collective we believe our diversity of profession is our strength - so look out Sydney- we are bringing the A-Team for the main game!

Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayne, The Peppermint Room, Dept of Design, Davenport Campbell, Dowse Projects, Milliken, Type & Tale, Relocation Laws and INO Interiors – All very established local firms dedicated to Canberra, supplying design, commercial product, relocation services and quality built form delivery to Federal and ACT government departments and Private enterprise firms.

We bring a particularly “Canberra” emotional awareness of Community Identity and Responsibility. Canberrans are generous supporters of diverse community causes. This places our team in the enviable position to maximise our outreach to sponsors and donors. 

Mental health issues and well-being in the community touch us all and continue to grow towards epidemic levels, particularly critical for the youth in our society. It is in this demographic that mental health issues most frequently manifest. Early recognition, acknowledgement and support at this stage are critical to circumventing a potential lifetime of trauma.

In essence, we are here because we give a #@*%, and because we do - we are bringing every effort in our creative, fundraising and sponsorship efforts. It is our aim to shine a spotlight on the work and future hope offered by Reach Out.

After all - we will only get out of this event what we put in. So, bring it Sydney! See you in 2020!”

I'm fundraising for ReachOut

This February we're dancing for life!

But before then, we're running our own event, to get us fundraising for ReachOut.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kim Bland

What a fantastic cause


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Relocation Laws

Great work Valia xx and team xx


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Great cause and concept


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